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Items list

ID Item name Description
1 Short Sword Sword that is slightly shorter
2 Long Sword Sword that is slightly longer
3 Fencing Sword Sword made by western country. Light and fast
4 Serpentine Sword No description
5 Dazzling Sword No description
6 Wyrm Sword No description
7 Sacro Sword No description
8 Newbie Knife No description
9 Newbie Sword No description
10 Short Metal Sword No description
11 Steel Sword No description
12 Striking Sword No description
13 Two Handed Sword Requires 2 hand to wield due to its heavy weight. Higher damage than single hand weapon
14 Warrior Sword Sword use by warrior of valor
15 Criss Sword Shape of a criss cross
16 Paladin Sword No description
17 Bone Sword Made from dragon bone by a masterful blacksmith
18 Thunder Blade Legendary weapon with lightning properties
19 Onyx Sword No description
20 Rebel Sword No description

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