Server rules

Account Suspensions
All accounts that are registered and used inside of SeaTown Online can be suspended at any point of time:

1). If evidence is found of that account participating in "hacking", "scamming", or general theft of another player's possessions.
2). If the account is found using, or abusing, "bugs" in the game or website.
3). If the account owner has been previously suspended using a different account.
4). If the account is under suspicion of using fraudulent or otherwise fake information related to credit card information, bank account numbers, or paypal account(s).

SeaTown Online features a virtual shop called the Item Mall that allows players to acquire items, supplies, and services for their characters. The Item Mall uses a form of virtual currency called Crystals (Item Mall Points) which can be purchased along with any other Virtual Items.

Purchasing any Crystals or Virtual Items goes towards the funds necessary to keep the server online.

Players will automatically be credited with their Crystals or Virtual Items after their payment has been completed. All purchases are non-refundable.

In order to obtain Crystals(IMPs), you will be required to provide us,
or another payment service designated by us (such as PayPal), with your credit card information and other
information related to your credit card transaction (such as your billing and shipping address, your credit card expiration date, etc.). In exchange for your payment, you will receive the designated item that you selected.
You understand and agree that once you authorize a payment, such amount is not refundable.

By using a credit card on this server, you state to SeaTown Online that you are an authorized
user of such credit card. When you purchase, you are making a guarantee that you are the rightful
owner of the card or have the card holder's consent. Any attempts to use a card that belongs to another
user regardless of your association to the card holder without first gaining the rightful card owner's
consent is considered to be fraud and can result in any legal action  SeaTown Online deems necessary to recover losses.

Upon delivery of Crystals or use of any virtually purchased product, you agree that the virtual product
is no longer eligible for return. Crystals, once purchased (whether you use it or not), is not refundable,
in whole or in part. If any payment is disputed or charged back, the associated accounts
will be suspended and terminated if any fraudulent activity is detected.

Minors are forbidden from making credit card purchases without their parent's consent.
Any purchase made by minors using their parent's credit card is subject to the same terms and conditions
listed above and is the responsibility of their parents.

If any sections of this Policy is not acceptable to you, you may stop
using the services provided by SeaTown Online.

Selling / Buying of In-Game Items, Gold or Accounts for Real Currency is not permitted. This will result in a permanent suspension of the account. 

Third-Party Program  is Illegal
Using any third party program to modify or effect the normal operation of the game client will result in the permanent suspension of the account. 

Players found botting will receive permanent account suspension. Botting is defined as: Using an External Program to Automate things like Sea-Commerce or using the same skill (for example Howl or Magma Bullet) automatically over and over again. We can stop Botters together (Don't forget to report)!

Accidental Item Loss
Corsairs Online Staff cannot assist in the return of ANY item(s) lost due to player's negligence. this pertains to, but is not limited to: dropping, deleting.

If you believe a player has somehow obtained an unfair advantage through cheating or other means, please contact us at our Support Center with details, and we will deal with the situation in a timely manner.