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  • Game policies exist to promote and encourage the welfare of server growth. By visiting or interacting in any of our websites, games, or any other entity protected by our platform, You constitute and agree to the whole policy without hesitation. If you do not agree, You are to immediately cease using our services, Including removal of the software/tools installed on your devices. The game policy outlined are guidelines to be used by everyone, including, players, game masters, moderators, and any other entities

Categories of prohibited activities


  • Cheating is the most common prohibited activity, Due to it's high turnout rate from committing cheating and benefits by cheating. Cheating is an act of dishonesty by performing actions that are otherwise not usual or intended, Gaining an unfair advantage over others.
    BottingA character is botting when its operator (owner) is not controlling or performing the executions in real time. Botting is not only limited to third party or packet editors, but also actions that exhibits performance impossibly done if operator is not signaling or paying attention to character. Your character and account are always accountable, irregardless if your account was accessed by someone else, including unauthorized login. Some of (but not limited to) botting examples include: Auto Hot Key or similar macro-script, Mouse-Click repeater, placing object on keyboard or mouse or mouse/keyboard actions done by external such as mechanic machine that repeats clicks, network packet modifications to re-send packets or recording packets to replay actions.

    There is a very fine line of between botting and playing, in general, if players are concerned about becoming a victim of botting policy violation, they should not perform or bot-first then ask-questions, but rather, verify first. Frequently, if you are not sure such action deem botting, it is most likely botting. With exceptions to auto-cast and auto-attack, both which, are integral and sponsored by the game. They are not botting as they have timer limitations and cannot be carelessly left. It is not against the rules to be non-responsive when you are logged in your character, and being non-responsive during auto-cast/attack is not illegal, as they would expire itself, but if you are resuming auto-attack/casting even after expiration occur and deem non-responsive in between two periods, then otherwise you would be botting. Your character may perform actions such as wood-chopping indefinitely without being mandated to be responsive, however, be mindful if your character is moving, changing target, or entering/exiting game whilst being non-responsive means you are botting.

    In case of botting, if the system fails to challenge and/or remove botter, GM(Game Master) may step in and intervene, including but not limited to diagnosing and perform challenge to verify legitimacy. Exact conditions or challenges performed are not disclosed to protect and ensure challenge remains authenticity. Players who deem to be botter should perform the captacha challenge presented by the system otherwise you risk yourself and your accounts/characters to investigation.
    Bug Exploit/ManiuplationBug exploitation happens when players notice a loop hole and purposeful re-occur bug for player's profit. Bugs are when game behavior is different than what is originally developed and accepted. If players gain an unexpected amount of gold/items/exp/valuations, Players should make an immediate appropriate report. When a bug is identified, We will make our best attempts to contain the spillage, however, if the players deem abusing or already gained personal advantage correction actions may be required to protect server's welfare. In cases of emergency, we may suspend, forfeit, and/or disable components or accounts.
    HackingGame hacking is equivalent to penetrating our services and performing unauthorized actions with intentions of destruction or disruption. We take all hacking activity seriously and you should not perform or attempt any hacking on any of our platform services or third party services on our platform. Game hacking is subject to suspension and forfeit where deem necessary, legal actions may be required if slander is conspicuous.


  • Harassment by online is very frequent and sensitive topic, We do not tolerate harassment by all means. Harassment is when you are making other one or more uncomfortable, Players should feel safe and peaceful when using our services. Harassment is not limited to, chat, but also applicable to voice chat, game play, announcements, personal statements, and others. Players are encouraged to practice and employ the ignore/block features to minimize harassment. Players may turn off chat channels in-game, ignore certain forum users, or avoid interacting such people. When deem excessive we may intervene and take appropriate actions against concerning players.
    SpammingSpamming on any parts of our platform, including third party, such as YouTube, Facebook, or any other officially sponsored sites by us is prohibited. Players should not repeat similar message too many times, As there may be such system exists to control flow, however it is not always adequate in preventing spam. Players should refrain from using the letter-characters that break or cause malformation any part of our platform, Those players who try to disrupt or endanger operation from running smoothly may experience suspension or appropriate disciplinary.
    ThreatingThreats made against any other players are strictly prohibited, including Staffs and group of people. Not limited to swearing, insults, defamation, or slander. Players should refrain chasing, following, and/or stalking other players if they feel uncomfortable. Players should refrain from making real-life threats, as they may be legally liable.
    Adult-ContentWe have well-diversity of players demographic as our platform is open to everyone on the Internet, Some content can be sensitive to players. We do not encourage or permit adult content, and any discussion or remarks about adult contents should be avoided. Adult content is not only about human nudity, but as well, gore, personal details, content deems sensitive against certain players, or illegal activities under the law.

Social Engineering

  • Social Engineering alone can be eventful to many aspects as they influence certain people, Players must be extremely cautious when it comes to interacting with other players (socializing) and understand some people may engineer their socializing to bend into your trust. Social engineering is a constructed dialog and behavior between players or groups.
    ImpersonatingNaturally, players feel safe and comfortable when they are nearby or chatting to a staff, however, some players will pretend or trick players into thinking they are Staff when they are only a player. There are many ways to identify which members are staff or players, There is no one perfect way, but frequently when an impersonator engages a player, they will first use methods or techniques to confuse players, including faking or cleverly tailored names or badges to make players think they are speaking/dealing with official Staff. Those impersonator is sometimes sloppy or opposite, very professional, it can be quite convincing, however, there are ways to verify legitimacy, In games all staffs have a golden symbol reciting "GM" above their characters, and in website and forum all staffs have a badge of "Staff" below the avatar/username. Impersonator relies on the element of surprise and false promises to successfully extract the necessary information from players.
    ScammingPlayers may be asked to engage in risky transactions such as multiple trades or services which cannot be fail-safe, Those activities are not illegal, but albeit carry great risk due to high profits for scammers. Players should avoid and never engage in risky exchanges, and stick to norm methods, including stalls, trading, and/or system-sponsored activities. Players should never share or lend their items, fairies, or any items with valuations, if you decide to trade or share it will be treated as forever lost. Players should remember, even with some of oldest friends or real life friends can still change, as human perspectives evolve over times, what deem never possible or wrong can become possible and no longer wrong for people. Never share, lend, trust, anybody but yourself.
    Bad IntentionsThe role of social engineering can be reincorporate beyond than just mere simple actions, but in greater scheme such as arranging battles, feeding misinformation to create distraction from real events. Some people take pride and enjoy into engineering players from their very own friends, to encourage and orchestration actions for the engineer's benefit. All players should be mindful of other players and above of all take everything in moderation.

Personal Trading

  • Personal trading is an event of where one or more people engage activity that would mean giving up on account security, Those activities are strictly prohibited. Under no reason, including staffs, should ever ask or request your password just as you are legally responsible for maintaining your account security. If you share your account and caught, you are equally guilty for any inconveniences or trouble within. Players must understand that if you enter the other players account, and if they get banned you will be too banned as some disciplines require more than single account dealing and system will automatically link those activities based on sharing accounts. For your own protection, you should never enter anybody else account just as you should never allow anybody enter your account as if they get banned you will be too banned because that person has entered your account and a single entity is created.
    Account SharingAccount sharing when you either unauthorized or authorized someone else than yourself to enter and consume your account's privileges and details. Account sharing is not limited to, sharing usernames/passwords, but as well email, or any other personal details. Players should also note that, if you allow someone else to play on your account even though they do not know your username/password as you might have logged into account before switching the chair with another person, is equally same as account sharing. All the actions and executions at all of time must be yourself.
    Account TradingAccount trading is a very dangerous activity as it involves many people and valuable components, Players place their-self and their assets in great risk in the delight of hoping commence some trades. Truthfully, most of those trades deal with scammers, even if you succeed at first, your account will be always forever and never the same as the new or the previous account holder can steal it back. Furthermore, if you sell one account and consider yourself to be no longer of account holder, yet when the account gets involved with disciplinary your other accounts are still as liability bond.
    Character TradingCharacter trading is coherent to account trading as they are bound to one account forever, same rules apply from account trading. You may not share, borrow, lend, pilot, tour, or any form of trading with anybody else. Your character is not to be engaged in any trading activity for any reason whatsoever. There are no exceptions or special permits to character trading.
    Items TradingItems trading is also prohibited, it to carry big risks to both sides of the party, as usually involve real world currency, requiring some off-site activity before proceeding to trade. If you are required to trade items for something else that you cannot place or trade within the trade dialog, it is most likely a risk and players should not perform trades.
    Service TradingService trading constitutes same risks when you engage offline trading to later perform promised services in-game. Players should know most scammers rely on off-line actions to scam because they are invisible and can always easily disappear in offline trading. All service trading for real world currency is always prohibited. Players should not try to engage, as an attempt to engage in service trading constitutes policy breaking.
    AdvertisementAny kind of Character Item, Account or Service Trading advertisement for any kind of real world currency leads to the same punishment as the deed itself. This kind of behavior incentives the breaking of our rules and shall not be tolerated under any circumstance.
    Selling Rum Barrels & RumFor security reasons, We prohibit players to sell Rum or Rum Barrels directly. Due to high fraudulence and scamming associated with selling/buying rum, Players are expected to purchase item mall for own personal use. You may purchase the items and sell them in-game for gold or other services, however when you purchase any items, it must be first intentions of personal-consume. Most common scam situations involve when player tries to sell rum points, a player will be asked to what purchase in the item mall, the player will ask you to purchase non-common item such as an unfavorable apparel set, once you've obliged the request and bought the package with your rum, expecting to commence the trade with the buyer, only to find out the buyer is refusing to buy. What exact reasoning varies, but most of time players can be sinister and waste your rum. For this reason, we disallow players to advertise or broadcast/post message or message that appears to contain intentions to sell rum, as the seller would be met with miserable experience and expect a refund or disciplined by the staffs of Seatown Pirates Online. We do not get involved with player trades, and we do not by means capacity yet to enforce fair-play to this degree.

Accident Losses

  • Accident loses focus on events that are not bad-intentions, but leave undesirable playing experience. As much it pains and hurts us to see players lose something precious or made jarring mistake, it has still ultimately up to player been vigilant. Our staffs cannot refund, reverse, reimburse, credit, or similar replacement for following events.
    StallsEither when you are selling or buying with player stalls, you must be cautious with the prices established for the said items. It is very common known that some players may accidentally miss a digit making the item much undervalued or overvalued. Some players may even place a stall that's full of the same item, but with one of them has leading extra zero, making it seem almost as if you are buying all of the items at the same price. The same situation can be said for sellers who rush setting up their stall with the same items and mis-typed not enough zeros making it effectively very cheap. It is the player's whole responsibility to carefully inspect every item prior to sell/buy. Staffs will not reverse actions, or even "shut down" your stall if glaring mistake is spotted.
    Sold Items (NPC)Many players are typically expected to sell their loot to NPC, however, because due to negligence often users will rush drag-and-drop almost all items in inventory, including sometime valuable items like a fairy. Users are encouraged to not spam sell, and instead you can carefully organize your inventory, so the said required item to sell is not near to valuable items at all. Bank your precious items and you can be more confident that you will not drag-and-drop a valuable item to NPC. Please note that most of valuable item has "confirmation" dialog required, if you recklessly spam enter key, you will most likely experience losses. It is the player's whole responsibility to carefully determine the correct item being sold. Staffs will not reverse such selling, or return the items by spawning replacement.

Disciplinary Guideline

Minor Infraction

  • Minor Infraction will be given to players who have made the first mistake, as long they don't endanger anyone else or the server itself immediately.
    First OffenseA temporary mute or ban may be given if the player is found to be uncooperative as generally when a minor infraction occurs the staff will point out the prohibited actions, and players do not cease activities, staff may be required to place a mute or ban.
    Second OffenseSecond minor infraction occurs when a player is knowingly committing prohibited activity. The Staff at their discretion can decide appropriate actions, with a primary goal to rehabilitate player into better people, including one-to-one support. Further mute and/or ban may be required.
    Third OffenseSubsequent infractions are subject to severe disciplinary, With the possibility of extended banning and/or mute. Staff will make the review and confront players to understand why player have kept making repeated infractions. Staffs may take unorthodox actions in promoting the server's welfare against the player. Players must understand that subsequent infractions means subject to major infraction.

Major Infraction

  • A major infraction occurs when an activity has already damaged or to-be damaged server's welfare. Staffs at this point will take every necessary proprietary actions against a player or players. Major infractions are events where the players' action creates illegal, disruptive or upset other players experience. In order to protect the server's welfare, Staffs may temporarily or permanently disable access to characters, game accounts, and forum account.

Ban & Ban Dispute

  • SourceServer log data that proves any illegal activity is proof enough to take the proper measures against the player breaking the rules as well as any character linked to him. Staff reserves the right to validate sources of information, such as messages posted by players on official media.
    Ban ProofIn case a player has been banned, he is allowed to ask for proof of their illegal activity. If nothing speaks against it (e.g. Privacy reasons), ServerDev Staff will provide the required proof.
    Ban DisputeIf a player has been banned for Character Item, Account or Service Trading for real world currency (RWT), he may appeal his ban. To be able to appeal, he will have to defend himself by proving that he did not receive or paid any real world currency for such trades. The Staff will then review the information and decide whatever the ban will be lifted, reduced or maintained. In case if player willingly confirms that such trade took action, He can compensate damage by paying out agreed loss to Seatown Pirates Online/ServerDev by a non-refundable way and ban will be lifted.

Mar 27, 2023

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